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Bovine leather (Leather) is the most commonly used natural raw material, accounting for 2/3 of the world's total leather production, of which 2/3 is used to make shoes, multiply! The next only used in the processing of clothing, bags and furniture. The type of cowhide, origin, age, gender, breeding condition and way climate, area size, thickness, weight level, fat content, sweat glands and blood vessels and hand densities, etc., all directly affect the price of cowhide and the performance of the products made.

By texture :
Cowhide can be divided into multiple layers (up to 8 layers), the outermost layer of the first layer of leather, the best quality, followed by the second layer of leather, its strength, elasticity and breathability are not as good as the first layer of leather.

The Kraft first layer is with grain surface skin of cattle, sheep, pig skin, etc., the skin surface has natural scars and blood tendon marks and other original skin characteristics, and occasionally there are knife wounds in the process and the utilization rate is very low belly parts, the first layer of skin by the dense and thin fiber layer and its closely linked to the slightly loose overlayer together, with good strength, elasticity and process Plasticity and other characteristics.

The split leather is obtained by cutting the layers of leather with a piece of leather machine, which is the two-layer part of loose fiber tissue, that is, the lower layer of leather. By chemical material spraying or covered with film processing, two-layer leather only loose fiber tissue layer, only after spraying chemical materials or polishing can be used to make leather products, it maintains a certain natural elasticity and process plasticity characteristics, but the strength is poor.

The regenerated leather is made by crushing the waste leather of various animals and dermal scraps, and then blending chemical raw materials. Its surface processing technology is the same as the genuine leather, embossed leather, its characteristics are neat leather edge, high utilization rate, cheap; but the skin body is generally thicker (not thick can not), the strength is poor.

The above kinds of leather, are commonly used to make bags and car leather seats. However, the car with to the first layer of cowhide, must be a very high-grade car, such as the BMW 5 Series is still only used in high gear, almost all domestic cars are recycled leather (not black heart, but can not sell the price can not use good material). General furniture sofa with recycled leather or two-layer leather. Leather shoes with recycled leather less (because of poor strength), unless extremely cheap or used to do local collage.