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Leather surface quality:
According to surface quality: the full grain leather can points, half full grain, face, etc.
All wrinkle full grain soft leather, leather, leather, etc. Features reserved for full leather own natural grain, clear pores, small, tight, irregular arrangement, surface plump delicate, elastic and good air permeability, is a kind of high-grade leather. Made from the cowhide leather products, the use of comfortable durable and beautiful.
And half full grain leather surface has slight damage, so the grinding into only shallow grain, therefore calls half grain leather. Still maintained the style part of the natural leather, pore is flat and oval, irregular arrangement, feel hard, low level is generally selected raw materials, so the middle-grade leather. Days process to the particularity of its surface without a disability and scars and high utilization rate of the finished goods is out of shape not easily, so commonly used in the product with larger area.

Fix the face features for flat surface smooth hand hole and grain, grain in the surface layer in making do slight grinding surface modification, and then on the leather coating a layer of colored resin, hide leather surface texture, spraying water light through resin, is actually a natural leather with disability or rough surface for a facelift. This leather is almost lost the original surface state, decorative pattern is processed, not natural.

Nappa leather belongs to the category of shaving cowhide. Days for surface brightness is not the same as a CAM surface and shiny cowhide leather two. CAM surface leather surface
Don't shine. Shiny leather layer with a high brightness, in the light transmission of light good colorless resin, appeared the following color through his, the leather face bright white, presents luxuriant style, is a popular leather fashion leather goods.

Different sizes of cow:
Tire cowhide, died in child failed to birth or after birth is stillborn calf leather, leather smooth, moderate thickness, the tread pattern is clear, feel is good, good elasticity, tire cowhide full grain leather in natural leather. Hand hole small, uniform distribution and closely, grain is careful, the leather surface, light, thin skin, skin tissue fiber close, uniform thickness, skin soft, : feel solid and full of elasticity, the permeability is good.